Women’s formal attire to stand out in job interviews & meetings

We all know that how important women’s formal attire is look at their best on a job interview to make the first impression last impression. There were many cases where a person may possess all the attributes and qualification required for a job vacancy they applied but couldn’t get selected because of their dress style.

Popular TV personality reveals how she was Reject by Employers because of her dress code- Standard media.co

Women’s formal attire for a job interview may vary depending upon the Industry or Organisation’s work culture. HERE you will get to know a lot about do’s and don’t in Corporate culture.

Starting from the shirts and blouse in Women formal attire

While selecting the clothes for a formal Interview, few questions come in our mind like:

Which color of shirt should I pick for an interview? which is the Best color combinations of shirts and trousers for an interview? Which pattern of shirt or blouse should I pick for formals? and many more. You get all your answers here.

1. What should be the color of a shirt or blouse for an interview?

Always select light colors for shirts and blouses like whites- they are just best! they can look nice on all most all the skin colors. Whites can never go wrong for an interview or corporate meeting. Whereas there are some others options also which can definitely look good on you than white like beige, peach kind of colors.

Light blues and light pinks are best suitable for medium to darker skin tones. They are even easily available and the color of these doesn’t fade away too easily.

Below you can see some of the women’s formal attire shirts:what to wear in an interview

You can also wear some women’s formal blouses which are different from the collar shirts like Chinese collar, bow neck, and high neck.

These are quite perfect for internal meetings, corporate meeting, and client’s meetings. In these kinds of neck design, it doesn’t require you to wear a scarf. You can also wear it as semi-formal.

women's formal shirts for an interview


2. What not to wear in women’s formal attire for a job interview

Always avoid too bright, flashy and dark colors. Don’t wear a blouse which has a deep neck. Don’t wear printed or large flower kind of printed shirts and blouses. These kinds of printed shirts and blouse look quite unprofessional.

shirts you should not wear for an interview

3. Make sure your bottoms should compliment the color of your shirt or blouse

Let me give you an example of color combination suppose you are wearing peach, mauve, light purple colored blouse it will not look nice with navy blue or brown colored trousers, but definitely, it will complete your look with black trousers or skirt. Also, make sure the length of your skirt should be knee length.

Below you can see the best color combinations of bottoms with shirts or blouses:

  • The white colored shirt can look perfect with black, navy blue, dark brown, maroon or all the shades of grey colored trousers. White color compliment most all the colors of bottoms.
  • Light blue shirts can only look best with black pants or skirts, else you can try navy blue trousers.
  • Baby pink shirts can go with black or beige trousers but suggested to wear black.
  • Peach, mauve or slightly towards baby pink & purple colored shirts have a perfect match with black, white, Maroon and light brown shades of trousers.
  • The last one is the black shirt with a grey trouser or skirt.

Below you can some images of different colors and patterns of a bottom that you must have in your wardrobe:


4. Be careful- 5 things you should keep in your mind while selecting formal attire

Don’t wear jegging or Tregging.


what not to wear in interview?


Inappropriate wearing printed Cardigan-these are too bright and flashy definitely looks unprofessional.

do's and don't of interview

Avoid looking too outdated- If you have been out of the workforce and your closet reflects it, starts investing in new clothes.

do's and don't of interview


In winters, you must have a blazer or complete formal suit for an interview ready. Scarfs can definitely enhance your overall look if they are bright in color and material should be silk chiffon.

Women’s formal attire is incomplete without a perfect hairstyle.

You just need to keep your hairstyle polished and professional, not like a messy bun or any other messy hairstyle. The Best and simplest hairstyle is to have a ponytail or a side bun. Why these are the most preferred hairstyles because they are easy to carry and while presenting yourself, you have to set your hair again and again. So, the complete focus would be on an interviewer and presenting yourself with great facial expressions. Here are some images below of different hairstyle that can complete your look.


Interview Makeup

Makeup is definitely required to look flawless and confident but makes sure that you are looking naturally beautiful rather than to stand out by overdoing makeup or wearing too much of makeup. The basic rule for doing interview makeup is to select the shades of which to close to your skin tone and shouldn’t to too loud and distracting. 

  • Match your makeup to your skin tone
  • Don’t wear false eyelashes and avoid using clumsy mascara
  • Apply natural color lip gloss or brown, mauve, Peach, baby pink color lipstick. Suggested Maybelline touch of spice shade.
  • Choose natural tone eyeshadow, like bronze, matte brown, or rose eyeshadow
  • Don’t overdo the makeup, keep it simple and subtle.

interview makeup


Thank you for visiting! Share which one is your favorite outfit for an interview. What are your favorite hairstyles and lipstick shades that you prefer?


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